Carbon-Offset Shipping: Delivering a World of Good


SoulTree is one of the first major online shopping destinations to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping.

Now, every time you purchase an item on SoulTree, we balance out the carbon emissions by creating a positive environmental impact.

What does it mean to offset emissions?

It means that for any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping items on SoulTree, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount.

How does it work?

We fund verified emissions reduction projects through our partner 3Degrees. These investments support environmental projects, such as protecting forests that improve air quality and absorb carbon, sponsoring wind and solar farms that generate clean energy and replace fossil fuels, and developing greener methods for producing auto parts.

Will this come at a cost to me?

No, this will not cost anything for our buyers or sellers. It’s simply another great thing about shopping with SoulTree. Find out more about what this commitment means for sellers here.

Why is this important?

SoulTree has always been conscious of our impact and actively worked to lighten our carbon footprint. We believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a better, healthier place.

Together, we can solve the climate crisis

We’ve now partnered with Compensate to offset our emissions and also allow you to calculate and compensate your carbon footprint at checkout.

The amount will be automagically calculated considering the distance between your delivery address and our nearer warehouse. Please contact us if you have any question of if you’d like to know more.

Understanding Our Impact

At SoulTree, we use the power of our business to drive positive change and create value for all our stakeholders. Our mission to keep commerce human goes beyond simply connecting buyers and sellers in our marketplace. It also means having a positive impact on our community, our environment, and the global economy.

Economic Impact

At SoulTree, we like to say that economic empowerment is our day job. In our marketplace, creativity can turn into a thriving business. We bring sellers millions of buyers and provide them with tools and services that make it easy to run a business. But our support doesn’t end there. From advocating for public policies that increase economic security to providing financial relief when disaster strikes, we have our sellers’ backs.

Ecological Impact

Protecting the planet we all call home has been a priority for SoulTree since day one. In the face of a changing climate, we are urgently working to lighten our carbon footprint. We’re proud to be the first major online shopping destination to completely offset carbon emissions from shipping. And by 2020, all of our operations, including our marketplace, will be powered by renewable electricity.

Social Impact

Nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusivity has always been a part of SoulTree’s DNA. We welcome people of all backgrounds and walks of life into our community as buyers, sellers, employees, and business partners. Embracing diverse perspectives makes us stronger, more resilient, and enables us to be the best we can be.